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About Us

FeedMeFresh is a platform to connect people with produce

Produce vendors list their product types, delivery options, and locations so people can easily find them.

Calling All Food Produce Retailers

Our Definition of Produce

Manufactured, processed, assembled, prepared, imported, raised, or grown food items.

Produce, by definition, is something produced from raw materials. In our context it pertains to foodstuffs.

Which Businesses Should List?

New Zealand businesses that provide food produce in a retail capacity.

Who is the platform not for?

It's not intended to be used for wholesalers and suppliers of industry, unless there is a retail branch to their operation.

We're not opposed to considering alternate platforms for other industries. If you're interested in something like this then we're happy to discuss.


FeedMeFresh is an idea conceived of and implemented by two IT professionals, siblings in fact, with a combined industry experience of over 35 years.

Everyone needs to eat, but recent circumstances have highlighted the necessary, but challenging, requirement to connect customers with produce vendors in trying times.

We thought we could help. Hence, this site was inspired to mitigate the constraints placed on customers and producers alike by the COVID-19 pandemic suppression efforts. However, we expect and hope it will remain a beneficial ongoing resource for many years to come.

Thanks for visiting and we sincerely hope you find it useful.

COVID-19 Specifics

Vendors can choose the alert levels under which they can operate. Their listing will show one of the following icons for easy identification:

Denotes the vendor offers a collection option at the current alert level.
Denotes the vendor offers delivery in some capacity at the current alert level.

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Listing Benefits

  • A free and easy-to-use platform to help customers find you.
  • Industry specific. It's all about food so all enquiries are already industry relevant.
  • Customers can better target what they're looking for resulting in higher enquiry-to-sales conversion ratios.
  • By offering delivery, our search algorithm can increase your exposure beyond your local area - even nationwide*.
  • Increases you digital footprint, helps SEO, and drives more traffic to your website, facebook page, twitter feed etc
  • Provides COVID-19 specific advantages during this challenging time.

    * with default search filters your listing will be included in all regions when you can offer nationwide delivery.

Listing Features

The Listing Essentials profile allows you to:

  • Define the product types you sell.
  • Enter shop locations so local customers can find them.
  • Outline the delivery options available to customers.
  • Itemise the payment methods you offer.
  • List your contact points e.g. phone, website, facebook, twitter, instagram etc
  • COVID-19 specific features such as selecting which alert levels you operate at, collection & delivery identifiers, and contactless payment.

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